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… And then more than 2 years had passed since the last update here. It was about time to remove some of the dust and make better use of this space. This is going to be a personal post because I feel that before I tell you about my experiences here on the other side of the globe, I think it is worth explaining a question that I have often received: “Why Japan !?”

Asking does not offend, after all I am not an oriental descendant like the vast majority of Brazilians living here. So, the most obvious answer may seem like “oh, because I like anime and so…” which is true, but it wasn’t the main reason. Of course, my first contacts with Japanese culture were through some animation that was broadcasted on TV. From childhood until my teenager years, general interest about culture  increased and at the beginning of adulthood I was already fascinated by language, music, the cordiality of the people and many more things.

As a teen it was common to hear from adults that we (the teenagers of that time) should acquire skills that would set us apart from other candidates in an eventual job interview. Knowing English language at that time was already no longer a differential because the basics were taught at public school. Many said “learn Mandarin” even then. And I tried. I also tried German language and Hispanic language but it was only with Japanese language that I found a certain pleasure in continuing to learn, it is a challenge that I like and I still cannot explain it well even nowdays.

And in 2008, the year in which the centenary of Japanese immigration to Brazil was celebrated, I passed into the most basic level of the Japanese language proficiency test. It was a very basic level, equivalent to the vocabulary of schoolchildren in Japan, yet I started to think more seriously about one day traveling and trying to use what I had learned to communicate with natives. I was collecting my savings and researching how to make it possible to get there. However, the following year, with the global economic crisis knocking on my door, I decided to wait a while. Professional path goes on, academic path goes on too and I was determined to try again in 2011, but after the great earthquake that hit the north of the country at the beginning of the year, I thought it prudent to postpone. Professional path and academic life were mixed and goes on. At some point during this period the trip seemed to be just a distant goal. Over the following months, the imminence of the arrival of a new crisis gave me the kick to take that dream out of the paper. Finally in October 2016 I came to Japan for the first time, alone, with my own travel plan and without knowing almost anyone here. Before I even got on the plane back to Brazil I was already decided that this is a place to call home. I wanted to come back and live here for longer, forever if possible. That has been my biggest goal ever since.

And here I am!

Although very brief, this text is already too long. From here on I will try to summarise even more the main events of the last years.
First things first: I moved to Tokyo in April 2018 and still living here.

Throughout 2018 and early 2019 I dedicated myself to studying the Japanese language, which consumed (and still consumes) a good part of my time. However, immersion helps a lot in learning, communication still does not flow perfectly but at the end of every day I feel that I have learned something new, and that is comforting!

During this period, attending classes daily, I did not dedicate myself to creative production. However, the absorption of culture helped to keep creativity pulsing all the time. Despite controlling myself not to buy tons of art and design books, I managed to focus a little on the study of NPR because it is notably a style that has a lot of applicability here. Even though It’s not a type of render that do require “heavy” equipment, my good and old Macbook has not been able to keep up with my “adventures” with modeling programs. Recently I got another notebook with a little more memory and I am slowly resuming my studies in my spare time.

On the professional side, I participated in short projects as a Language Quality Assurance (LQA) for Portuguese language in digital games to mobile devices and briefly a game for console as well.

I also worked as an attendant in a restaurant with typical Brazilian food (after all, the comfort zone didn’t fit in my luggage, right !?) and I feel that it was the period when I made the most progress in regards to the study of foreign languages.

I consider myself very privileged by these opportunities because in both I made friends who helped me a lot in the adaptation process in this new beginning.

Since April 2019 I started working as a 3D Generalist in an animation studio that, in addition to producing TV series, also produces animation for digital games among other media.

Without modesty, all staff is very talented, the work environment is incredibly fun and I learn a lot every day with everyone. Soon I hope to be able to publish about some projects we work on.

So far, I feel personally and professionally accomplished but I am always looking for improvement and testing new techniques and tools.

I noticed from the website’s metrics that more technical posts like the one about Render Farm are widely accessed, so I will try to publish more of that content related topics in the future.

In addition, if you want to follow my adventure more closely, feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram. 

Wash your hands and wear a mask. 
Virtual hugs!