Rigging Exercise - Small rigs challenge

Rigging Exercise – Small rigs challenge

Duties Performed: Modeling, Rigging

After the conclusion of the Rigging course, our instructor shared a list of some “rig challenges” as a way to encourage us to create the habit of always thinking about different methods of execution.
Generally the vast majority of assets, regardless of production, are usually variations of humanoids, bipeds, quadrupeds, or vehicles.
Some of the goals of these exercises are to practice less common setups, to create the habit of exploring the DCC resources and to get out of the comfort zone to improve rig’s performance.
Below are some of the exercises developed at that time.

Egg rolling around the smallest axis: just move translate and keep it against the ground without crossing over.


Piano keys: control presses various keys according to proximity.


Eye: the cornea must push eyelids.