Backpacking in Japan!

Backpacking in Japan!

What to do during vacations!?

Some people enjoy traveling, others studying something different… well, and why not both!?

In October I will accomplish one of my oldest wishes: walk through some of the main cities at Japanese islands! 😀

My main goal is to study and practice a little my poor knowledge about japanese language, absorb the culture, costumes and even more that this experience could offer me.

That said, there is no better way to know a culture than living and sharing knowledge with people in it. So during my trip I will be available for “traveling short-classes” in exchange for a good conversation or maybe a couch to stay by night!

In case you be nearby in october and:

  • if you are a Youtuber, want some hints about Adobe’s video editing and post-production tools;
  • or if you are a 3D modeler/animator and like to share some talk about Autodesk Maya’s workflow;
  • or also is a technical draftsman and want to know the new features from last AutoCAD update;
  • or maybe if you are a photographer and want to talk about image tricks in Photoshop;
  • or even if you will be free and want talk about something else;

…so send me a message and let’s schedule it!

I am so far from be a huge expert of all above, but for sure that to share experiences and to know other people’s challenges is mutually valuable.


If you want, add me at Facebook also. I swear do not send you spams for cosmetics or anything haha!

See you there!